Evening Prayer from "Salem"Todd & Pamela Russell
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SONG: "Evening Prayer"


CONTEXT: Our original musical "SALEM" was developed from the public domain writings surrounding the Salem Witch Trials. The show specifically focuses on the life of Dora, age 5, the youngest documented person to be accused of witchcraft during the trials in the late 1600s.  "Evening Prayer" walks us through a time in the show where the town is suffering through loss of crops, a stillborn child and the arrest of Dora's mother for witchcraft. Young Dora reflects wondering if perhaps she did something wrong to have her mother taken away from her, and calls out to God for an answer.

SONG: "In Your Eyes"


CONTEXT: Our original musical "DRACULA'S CASTLE" was developed from the public domain novel by Brahm Stoker.  While we stayed true to the general storyline and known characters, we detoured and told a tale of what was going on inside the castle, as children from a nearby village were disappearing and never found again. The fear of the people kept them away from Dracula's castle, but as this show unfolds, we learn where the children are and what purpose they have come to serve.  "In Your Eyes" is sung as Mina arrives to the castle, who has been called upon to teach the children, but is first met with a man who seems strangely familiar.

SONG: "Show Highlights Compilation"


CONTEXT: This video is a compilation of clips from "Dracula's Castle" to offer a glimpse of this popular production. Thank you to Martino Mayotte for his talent as Jonathan Harker AND for putting together this video for us!